Please Don’t Reply to All…

I dislike when people misuse “Reply All” when sending e-mails. It is a useful tool when you are distributing information to a select group of people with whom you have already interacted. Unfortunately, many people just use it in the stead of “Reply.” The most grievous of all e-mail sins is not looking at the recipients before you hit send.

Nothing is worse than when somebody sends a congratulatory e-mail to the entire company about a personnel announcement. I don’t need to know that you are happy they are “on the team.”

I am proposing a solution through a three strike “reply all” rule (I think it should only be 2 steps, but I will be more forgiving):

  1. Polite reminder that this should only be done when copied people need to know the information
  2. Written reprimand and 6 months e-mail probation
  3. Termination if committed again during the 6 month probationary period

The option to “Reply All” for business e-mails should require a checked confirmation (e.g. “Are you sure you want to send it to all these people?”). This could be added to Microsoft Office, and it would justify a new version # from that individual feature.

Less Mojo, but not Mojo-less

I am becoming far more humble as of late. I realize, although I may be awesome, I am just another person who might be intelligent and does nothing with said intelligence.

Oh! how I wish I were motivated instead of sad.

I can tell there is some subconscious evaluation of my life going on, but I have not become privy to the details or planning yet. Keeping my fingers crossed.

In other news, Mojo sounds like something you would use to lubricate another item. I know that Gojo is a cleaner, and lubrication is not too far removed, but it is an inadvertent connection. Mojo sounds like it would lube something well by itself.

When I am infirm, I would choose Mojo to facilitate motion of the components in my rocket wheelchair.

Sarah Palin is Repulsive

Although I rarely blog, I love seeing what search terms point in the direction of my site.

With the recent release of Sarah Palin’s autobiography, Going Rogue, I have noticed a spike in Sarah Palin search terms:

Sarah Palin Search Results

My favorite term searched for is “sarah palin is repulsive.” This query, by some like-minded individual, made me smile. In the spirit of revealing her true “inner beauty,” I have made an approximation of the appearance of her spirit…

As an aside, when searching for Sarah’s new book, a parody entitled Going Rouge (a coloring and activity book) has a higher ranking Amazon link than the actual book by Palin.

How did the Cat get so Fat?

I used to have a friend who created a version of the NOFX song A Perfect Government that replaced the lyric “cat” in the refrain “how did the cat get so fat” with her older sister’s name. I now think of this often as I have gone from:


In eight short years.

I should really exercise more and drink less good beer, but that is difficult to do. Poverty is good for your waistline; a life of leisure, affluence and frivolity is not.

I am just bitching in order to write something.

Is it wrong to love spambots?

I am a reluctant blogger at best. A better way to frame my engagement with blogging is to say that I love the idea and hate the practice. As I write nothing of any consequence and, more frequently, nothing at all, the only comments I receive are from spambots.

Hotlinked Robot (sorry owner)

Hotlinked Robot (sorry owner)

Some people may dislike spambots and delete their messages. I, on the other hand, immediately approve of spam messages for several reasons:

  1. It looks as if someone is reading and responding to my blog
  2. They are often complimentary, feeding into my ego for two seconds or so
  3. They remind me I have a blog when I get an e-mail that “someone has responded to my blog”
  4. They are generated to be somewhat related to the posting, unlike most blog comments that are comprised of  thinly veiled self-references.

I should probably delete them as they are only creating a distinctive link for Google or any search provider to rank them more highly when someone searches for a lucrative word such as “mesothelioma” that just happened to show up in a posting to which they are now linked. That being said, if spambots didn’t post, who would?